Jai Dev Racine - Oregon
Meurig's video lesson is a powerful and effective visual feedback tool. By showing me the setup of several famous PGA golfers, Meurig was able to show me the correct address to the ball. The improvement was immediate and I never felt judged or intimidated as Meurig made the various suggestions to correct my swing. I had a second lesson two weeks later and the very next round I shot a 79, my best round ever! (my previous best was 84) I played a month later and shot a 78 at the same course!
Meurig is a very insightful instructor who's wonderful personality puts you right at ease and makes you look forward to the next lesson. Save your money. No purchase of the latest fancy golf gear will provide the value and quality of Meurig Morgan's lessons. Well worth it!

Cradoc Golf Course 12th hole

Bob Sheehan - California
A golfer (born in 1949). I would like to give a huge pat on the back to a golf instructor and a personable guy who started me off from a complete beginner to being able to shoot a 79 two years later. I played racketball for 25+ years (up to tournament level) and my back gave out. I stopped doing anything and then got the golf bug. Like everybody, I tried to learn this silly game on my own and got frustrated. It was then that I was introduced to Meurig by a friend. When he knows you are understanding the lesson he is a taskmaster and when you are missing it he is fairly gentle :-) but a grinder to get you going forward. I also played golf with him on a number of a occasions and learned so much about how to score and manage myself around a course. He is a person who I would recommend from a beginner to any advanced golfer.
David Pope - California
On my journey to becoming a low single-digit golfer, I always struggled with making a full shoulder turn and leveraging the ground for power. In working with Meurig over the summer, we finally figured out (together) what I need to feel inside and look like on video in order to generate power from my core, rather than from my arms. Meurig is great at identifying what you need to feel, exaggerating it enough so you can see it yourself on video, then giving you drills to ingrain the change. Highly recommended!
J Spicer - Atlanta
It's rare that you come across a standout talent like Meurig!  He was my golf coach for 3 years and with his help I dropped my handicap from 40 to 12. After introducing me to professional level play, his training allowed me to quickly develop a talent for winning tournaments, and having the confidence to compete at any skill level.  I was impressed with his ability to handle the toughest clients with ease.  Meurig's natural talent is something people take years to master.  I strongly recommend Meurig to anyone who wants to learn the game of golf, or to improve their abilities in a comfortable environment.
Wanda Ross - California
I have very high praise for Meurig Morgan. He has an amazing ability to spot exactly how to improve someone's golf game. Whether out on the course or in a video session, he can add something that improves the game. He does this effectively with everyone from beginners to competitive golfers. Meurig works as a partner with the client in a very positive and collaborative manner, His feedback is constructive and presented in a very motivating, you-can-do-it way. In the time we worked together, he consistently improved my swing, my chipping and my putting - and he just simply makes it fun. What more could I ask for? I would go all the way to Oregon from California for more instruction from Meurig. In fact, I will! 

PGA West Mountain Course 15th Hole

Dustin Lewis - Oregon
Meurig is an amazing coach and a great guy! Four lessons in and I feel like I've already improved my swing so much. I've done lessons before, but I've learned more in four lessons with Meurig than I learned in a dozen with my old "top 100" in the US coach.  I had never broken 95 and a week after the 4th lesson I reached my goal, I shot an 86!